• Youth Writer's Workshop
  • Peer Mediation, Mentoring, & Conflict Resolution Training
  • Professional Facilitation & Teacher Training Program 
  • Community Health and Wellness Initiative
  • Cultural Experience Tours
  • Museum Preservation & Documentation
  • Customized Team-Building Retreats
  • Humanitarian and Volunteerism Projects
  • Music and Arts Program Infusion


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We have a strong team of professionals with years of combined experience in content development, professional facilitation, curriculum design, program management, public health, and more!   


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Our Mission

Black Bayou

Cultural Heritage Management 

​​​Black Bayou Cultural Heritage Management specializes in developing, management and evaluation of cultural heritage projects for local municipalities, agencies and community-based organizations. We are committed to assisting small rural communities, individuals and organizations in safeguarding their cultural heritage through cultural preservation, strategic planning, program design, technology infusion, workforce education, training and development, project management and other viable means. 

Development Programs...



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- Community Service Learning

- Participatory Action Research

- Partnerning for Shoe, Toiletry and          Food Drives


"To bridge the gap between the harsh realities of history and the memorable, fulfilling and deserving cultural experiences that should be safeguarded, promoted and shared with the world!"