"To bridge the gap between the harsh realities of history and the memorable, fulfilling and deserving cultural experiences that should be safeguarded, promoted and shared with the world!"

​​​Black Bayou Cultural Heritage Management specializes in all phases of cultural heritage projects for local municipalities, community-based organizations, and individuals.  We are committed to assisting small rural communities and families in safeguarding their cultural heritage through research, documentation, preservation and professional displaying.  We offer our partnering clients a unique approach to provide customized management care to assist them with their strategic planning, program design, technology infusion, training and facilitation, and other development needs.  

Cultural Heritage Management 

We have a strong team of professionals with years of combined experience in content development, professional facilitation, curriculum design, program management, public health, service and more!   

Sen. David Jordan at

Emmett Till Trailmarker

​in Money, MS.


for peace

Coahoma Mayor receiving FREE health screening at Community Health Fair in Mississippi.

     Community Initiatives!


  • January 2023 - Hip Hop Architecture & Youth Experience A celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop and its connection to the art of architecture. This youth experience features a guided tour of "Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip Hop Architecture" art exhibit at the Museum of Design Atlanta, and hands-on design and building activities with instructors and experts from SCAD Atlanta, GA Tech, and several local architect firms. *BBCHM is an Event Sponsor
  • March 2023 is Colon Health Awareness Month  Adults 45 or older should get screened.  *Contact Us for FREE fiber and healthy gut projects.   
  • Blues People Writer's Workshop, Scholars of Peace Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Community Service Learning Projects*Year Round Special Sessions for Elementary and Middle Schools.
  • It's All Connected Children's Outreach - Support for school-aged students (learning material, awards for good grades, and sanitation packages) Care packages distributed on-site and/or mailed.   
  •  Community Health Project - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Women ages 40+/at-risk are encouraged to get an annual mammogram. *Contact Us for FREE women's health information.

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As a youth, activist Victoria Pannell was guiding a child on a tour of the MLK Center during anti-sex trafficking event in Atlanta, GA.

  • Museum Preservation, Documentation, and Display Design
  • Cultural Experience Tours
  • Youth Writer's Workshop and Music Development
  • Peer Mediation, Mentoring, & Conflict Resolution Training
  • Professional Facilitation & Teacher Training Program 
  • Community Health and Wellness Initiative
  • Customized Team-Building Retreats
  • Humanitarian and Volunteerism Projects
  • Music and Arts Program Infusion
  • ​Community Service Learning & Action Research
  • Curriculum Design and Program Development

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